What’s this all about?

I’ve just finished my “Going Solo” blog about my first solo expedition, in my modest camper van, to the South Island of New Zealand and I’m feeling at a bit of a loss. I don’t watch much TV, I love reading, I don’t do crafts or sports these days, I like going out for dinner with the girls and I’ve discovered I like blogging.

To write a blog you don’t have to be a genius, a good photographer, an entertainer or even perfect at spelling and grammar. If people don’t read it, it doesn’t matter. Essentially it is a written record of something, anything, that you enjoy.

I have my ongoing blog “Being Mobile” that started me blogging and which I update sometimes but I needed another blog. I take a lot of photos, tens of thousands, and when I’m looking through for a particular photo I often find I start to reminisce about a particular photo or event.
So the idea grew and I now have a blog about the story behind a particular photo I come across. “Randomly Reminiscing”.

We all have lots of stories that never get told, half the time I have forgotten them myself until I see a photo that triggers the memory. We have moved away from the close family unit that I had as a child in the 1950s, where my grandmother and great aunt, who lived very close by, were an integral part of my life. I saw them regularly, heard their stories from Scotland and always got a sweetie from the tin on the bookcase. I now have that bookcase.

My family is wide spread and we are not close but I would like to share my memories with my granddaughters who live in Australia (Leah, aged 12 and Ella aged 10); Leah is already following one one my blogs and is becoming a keen photographer.

And me, if you haven’t read my “about” . . . . . . . . .

I’m at an age where I define myself by certain things, sometimes they change:

  • I’m past retirement age and I am still working
  • I have a mortgage which is (one of the reasons) why I’m still working
  • I love photography
  • I love to travel
  • I’m a proud grandmother
  • I am a huge fan of sheep, dilapidated buildings, pylons and doors
  • I love my Ducato camper van and want to use it more often
  • I love my cat Phee
  • I love life, I love being mobile

I live in New Zealand, in rural Horowhenua, grew up on the Kapiti Coast and don’t particularly feel attached to anywhere.